The Boss Up There (1999) Full Movie

The Boss Up There
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Watch The Boss Up There (1999) : Full Movie Online The new generation is rebellious and lacking in love. A group of youngsters is hanging out together aimlessly. They spend their life in a haze of dope violence and scrapes with the law. Eventually the girl gets pregnant, the guy is locked up in jail and ends up paralyzed due to drug abuse, and the rest get hooked to their blasted lives.

Title The Boss Up There
Release Date Nov 18, 1999
Genres ,
Production Company The Media Evangelism Limited
Production Countries Hong Kong
Casts Athena Chu, Paul Wong, Wong Hei, Wong Mei-Fan, Lam Yee-Lok, Chan Yan-Ming, Chan Siu-Wai, Ng Sau-Ha, Anna Ng Yuen-Yee, Mantic Yiu, Thomas Sin Ho-Ying
Athena Chu
Paul Wong
Wong Hei
Wong Mei-Fan
Lam Yee-Lok
Chan Yan-Ming
Chan Siu-Wai
Ng Sau-Ha
Anna Ng Yuen-Yee
Mantic Yiu
Thomas Sin Ho-Ying
Lawrence Lau Sek-Yin
Fung Lai-Sheung
Lam Yi-Tung
Yan-yan Chow
Jerry Lamb
Chue Shiu-Kei
Leila Tong